The Answer of “Where Is Bitcoin Accepted”

Where is bitcoin accepted is the question that often we heard. Here are several bitcoins shopping services and sites. Go bitcoins to spend? Some of big sites have already begun to use bitcoin for integrate payment options. So, you are lucky if you feel ready to use them to make a purchase and you have been holding onto yours for a while now. But, look no further than this following top 4 websites that are now accepting bitcoins, as a payment for their services and goods, if you are wondering where to start.

Where Is Bitcoin Accepted? There are 4 Major Retailers and Services That Accept Bitcoin

  1. Newegg

Are you a real gadget junkie? If the answer is yes, then you will be happy to hear that electronic retail giant, the Newegg is started accepting bitcoin in July of 2014 also the answer for where is bitcoin accepted easily. Newegg has chosen by BitPay as an online services that allow payment processing partner for digital currency. If you’re purchasing an item from other seller beside Newegg, the bitcoins option at the checkout may be unavailable. But, be aware because Newegg doesn’t accept the bitcoins for these purchases:

  • Pre orders
  • Return a shipping labels
  • Will call orders
  • The premier memberships
  • Subscription of orders
  • A Newegg Digital Gift Cards
  • Marketplace for items
  1. Expedia

Since June of 2014 users of Expedia have had the option to pay their hotel bookings with bitcoins, because Expedia is one of the world’s largest online travel booking agencies. Expedia now teamed up with the Coinbase to implement their new payment option. A bitcoin payment is only accepted for the hotel bookings, but it may be expanded to include the payments for activities, flights, and many more.

  1. Foodler

Foodler is takeout service and an online delivery that lets users to order food from a wide variety of restaurants. It was also the one of the earlier bitcoin adopters, and it’s implementing a payment option for digital currency in the early 2013.

  1. eGifter

eGifter is a mobile app and popular gift card site that lets the users to buy gift cards for all sorts of places, including Kohl’s, Amazon, Home Depot, Sephora, JCPenny, and more. You can not spend the bitcoins in every offline store or website, but you can use it to purchase gift cards for places, that do not directly accept the bitcoins. That’s all about the answer for where is bitcoin accepted.