Reasons Why You should Own Bitcoins

Bitcoin currency is kind of all over the world especially in the several recent years. Of course it is because the flexibility and the ability of the owner to trade good and services by using this currency anytime anywhere. Even though you are overseas, paying using bitcoin is possible and it will not charge you like the credit card would do. The process is fast and this is all we need.
So, here are the reasons why you should own bitcoin.
The independence and lower fee
This currency is initially launched in 2009 and there is no central authority that regulates this currency. On the other hand, there is not bank or government that makes rules over this thing. So, the ups and downs about this currency is purely according to the popularity of the currency itself.
It also offers lower fee that other payment through online. It even requires almost no fee for transaction for purchasing or transferring money. If you are required to pay extra charge, this is supposed to make the process faster. But even if you are not paying the extra charge, you can still process the transaction.
The largest crypto-currency
Nowadays, there are many crypto-currencies you may find on the internet. Bictoin is kind of the largest so far since this is accepted and adopted by the market cap. So, if you are going to buy or sell something then you can use bictoin for the transaction if there is the option of crypto-currency.
It is also the other news that Europe just makes bitcoin as one of commodities. However, the price is determined by the supply and demand. This regulation is definitely going to make the demand of bitcoin becomes higher from to time in Europe.
High volatility
Volatility may be a not-so-good thing but it could give positive effect on the bitcoin’s price after all. Nowadays, this currency is seen as the alternative of gold, which means it has great value. On the other hand, the high level of volatility makes the markets create the money inflow into bitcoins. According to the prediction, the market tends to be highly volatile on the next season.
Among lots of ways you can try to do online payment, bitcoin is the most secure way to do that. The protocol of this currency cannot be hacked or interrupted by other party. It leads to the safest way to do online payment by bitcoin currency.