Method of Buying Bitcoins With Paypal Easily

Here is the article to talk about buying bitcoins with paypal. Wirex makes it easier for you to start using the digital currencies. Now you can also buy the bitcoins with PayPal using your own Wirex virtual Visa card. And here’s a step by step guide, about how to buy bitcoins with PayPal.

What you need when buying bitcoins with paypal

Through the Wirex or E-Coin platform, the process of buying bitcoins with paypal easily require :

  • an Wirex virtual Visa debit card
  • a verified Wirex or E-Coin account
  • a PayPal registered account

Step by step how to buy bitcoin with paypal

Step 1: Link on your verified Wirex virtual debit card in to PayPal

  • You can log into your PayPal account, then go to ‘Money’, and after that click ‘add a card’. Click on button ‘add another card’.
  • Fill in your full name, your address, and your Wirex card information (make sure to use your own virtual Visa card). Once it’s all done, click the ‘Add card’ to proceed to next steps.
  • PayPal will ask you to confirm for the new card. Then click button ‘Confirm my card’ and PayPal begin a series of transactions for verify on your card.
  • Now go to the Wirex or E-Coin account. Under the ‘card transactions’, you’ll see a 4 digits code from the PayPal. Take a note of this code.
  • Go back into your PayPal account then insert the 4 digits code. Your Wirex card is now linked into your PayPal account.

Step 2: Withdraw funds from PayPal into your own Wirex virtual debit card

  • Go to your own PayPal account and then click button ‘Withdraw Money’.
  • Select the ‘Withdraw funds to your card’.
  • Enter the all amount of funds that you would like to withdraw, then select Wirex Visa card, click ‘continue’.
  • All your withdrawal request is now in process.

Step 3: Buy bitcoin using Wirex card

  • When you already have withdrawn funds from the PayPal account, onto Wirex card, you can buy bitcoins. Once the funds have cleared, then log into the E-Coin account and select the ‘Buy Bitcoin’.
  • Enter the all amount of bitcoin you would like to buy. But the minimum amount is 0.01 BTC. Click on ‘Submit’.
  • You’ll arrive at a review page. Then confirm your bitcoin purchase by clicking the button ‘Confirm’.
  • You’ll also receive a confirmation email following of your successful purchase for buying bitcoins with paypal.