Buying Bitcoin Anonymously is Possible

Buying Bitcoin will ease up your transaction process. Besides, you can stay anonymously when you buy the money. Basically, Bitcoin never makes it completely anonymous. It will request the information that can be identified such as ID, email address, or the bills of utility so they can track your Bitcoin’s movement.
This is why we are going to tell you about staying anonymously while buying the bitcoin. You do not even need government ID to buy them.
Easiest way to stay anonymous
If you want to stay anonymous then you can buy the bitcoin in person and paying it cash. This method can be done in the local bitcoin store but you need to find a person that is willingly to sell the butcoin in person to you. Local Bitcoins will help you to find the person near your place but you need to sign-up first. You can use the alias email address to sign-up anyway.
Buying cash means there is no documentation of transaction recorded. Well, most people who do business in Local Bitcoins do not like having transaction with anonymous buyer but since there is not documentation then the issue is less than before, right?
Another way is using the Bitcoin ATM. Again, you will need to pay it with cash but you need to go to the Bitcoin ATM. You will be asked to enter the address of your Bitcoin but you can specify if you do not have one address.
Prepaid card is another good way to stay anonymously. You can get the card in nearest convenience store or supermarket. This card will allow you to but the bitcoin anonymously without other identification process at certain place like Coinmama. You can purchase it up to 150 USD.
Buying Bitcoins without ID but not anonymous
Bitquick is the option that will allow you to purchase the bitcoin without using government ID. This is like an escrow for transaction of Butcoins by using the cash deposits. It can be cone in thousands of banks in the US. The process is simple. Both seller and buyer agree on certain amount. The seller will put certain amount of Bicoin at the Bitquick and then the buyer will deposit certain amount of money to get the bitcoin.
You will need mobile number to complete the process but the ID is not on the list.
Another option is the Wall of coins. This option is only available in certain countries like Philippines, Poland, Latvia, Argentina, Germany, Canada, and US. The exchange of Bitcoin is through peer to peer which makes the process does not need your ID. Still, it needs your phone number so the exchange can be processed.
There are still other options you can do in order to buy the bitcoins but it only aims for the advance user. You can find the detail on the other blog post. It contains complete and clear guide to buy the bitcoin anonymously without any identification. Well, the presence of bitcoins makes the movement of money becomes very easy. You really need buying bitcoin.