6 Ways to Make Money with Bitcoin

Many people may think that buying Bitcoin and mining it are the only ways to earn Bitcoins and to make money from them. There are actually many ways to gain profit with Bitcoin. Six of them are to be mentioned below.
1. Buying Bitcoin
Buying Bitcoin is the traditional way to gain profit from Bitcoin. This method basically relies on the basic investment speculation: you buy when the price is low, hold it and see how its price fluctuates, and sells it at a higher rate.
2. Mining Bitcoin
Mining Bitcoin is considered more sophisticated way to gain profit with Bitcoin. Mining requires you to have a miner (powerful mining hardware) to solve Bitcoin problems (hashes) and ultimately to gain reward. The better your miner’s performance (represented by Hash Rate or Hash per second), the bigger the profit that you can reap.
3. Using Bitcoin as Payment Method
If you run a business, be it brick-and-mortar or online, you can earn Bitcoin by making it an accepted method of payment. Bitcoin’s value increases more often than it decreases, if you allow your customers to pay for purchased items with Bitcoin, you can keep the Bitcoin and sell it later when its value increases.
4. Completing Random Tasks
Certain websites reward you with Bitcoin or Satoshi (smaller Bitcoin unit) for completing certain tasks, such as watching videos, filling surveys and even playing games. If you have much free time to kill, visit these websites and start earning Bitcoin there. It takes a while before your accumulated wealth can be regarded as an investment, but this method is still considered worthwhile.
5. Lend your Bitcoin
While holding your Bitcoin after you buy it, you can lend it through reliable online loaning system so that you can gain profit from interest. There are many loaning websites with proven reputation. At those websites, you can find numerous loan requests that you can work on. Invest a small portion of your Bitcoin to each loan to diversify the risks. You will get the profit at the time of repayment.
6. Writing about Bitcoin
Bitcoin is a hot topic nowadays and it will likely remain hot for the next many years. If you enjoy writing, you can build a website or blog and fill it with any articles about Bitcoin. You can then monetize your website or blog using ads. If you do this correctly, you can transform your writing habit into a profitable business.