5 Safety Bitcoin Tips for Beginners

Safety Bitcoin tips is what you need especially if you are a beginner. Well, Bitcoin definitely makes the process to move money across the internet becomes incredibly easy. However, every time you hear “easy” word then the risk will be following you. It is very possible if someone would take your money, track all your spending, or even violate the privacy you have since internet knows no boundary.
But there is the good news that could help you to protect what you have especially anything about money and your privacy on the internet. So, here are our tips to help you protecting your Bitcoin.
Separate your wallets
For the privacy sake, it is better to separate your wallet for holding the entire bitcoin and the wallet for spending it. The saving you have will be very vulnerable if you put various types of abuse at one place. Other than that, there is no term or condition that regulates how many wallets or addresses someone may have for saving the bitcoin.
Your savings do not belong to the web wallet
Unfortunately, there were several cases lately about a hacked web wallet and the hacker took all the money in it. It is true if the web wallet is the convenient place to regulate your bitcoin, but it is not a good idea to rely your whole saving to the web wallet. We will recommend you to put small amount of money in the web wallet in case you need to do transaction in the future. So, if the worst scenario is happening then you will not lose much money.
Bitcoin is not something like credit or debit card. If your money is gone, no matter how huge it was, you cannot find somebody to blame or someplace to send the claim for refund. You can contact the police but your bitcoin will not get back either.
Protect your privacy
Please always remember that you cannot share your private keys or PIN with anyone else. Your wallet address is just like your bank account number. If you have two wallets for saving and purchasing each then the activity of possible hacker will be easily tracked.
Besides, you can transfer your fund using certain app like mixing service that can be found on the internet.
Cold storage
By cold storage we mean the wallet that does not need online way to transfer the fund. This can be done by using a plain text file on a USB or the QR code printed on a piece of paper. You will need this because the online wallet is stored in a predictable location that easily got hacked.
No matter what you are doing, having the backup is anything you need to do if we are talking about protecting your money. You need to have the key of your wallet so you can store it elsewhere like on flash drive, paper, or anything, in case something bad happen. Dropbox is kind of a good idea when it comes to safety bitcoin.